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 The Pilates Center The Pilates Center (TPC), in Boulder, Colorado, was established in 1990 by sisters Rachel Taylor Segel and Amy Taylor Alpers. TPC teaches in a tradition that directly demonstrates the philosophy and methodology of “Return to Life” written by Joseph Pilates. In 1991, a Teacher Training Program was developed at TPC with the assistance of Romana Kryzanowska. The Program was labeled “The Harvard of Pilates Teacher Training Programs” in Pilates Style Magazine.
 Peak PilatesPeak Pilates was founded in 1996, in Boulder, Colorado. firmly rooted in the professional Pilates community. It has always been important that everyone in the company understand the power of the Pilates Method and experiences it for themselves. For that reason, thay have a dedicated on-site studio and employees regularly attend workshops while testing new products and programs.
 Pur PilatesPur Pilates is a well being center in Lyon, dedicated to the teaching of the Pilates method. Groupclasses or individual classes for all levels, on mats or on the apparatus.
Known for their high quality teaching.