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The Method

The Pilates method is an ingenious mix of body control, deep breathing and relaxation. It will strengthen your body, increase its suppleness and improve your posture.

The founder, Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1968) researched and experimented for 60 years before completely perfecting his method, which he named ‘Contrology’ and which we know today as Pilates.

At Absolut Pilates we teach the classical method the way it was originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates.

Pilates is a training method with a lot of variety. The spectrum of exercises ranges from the very simple to the highly complex. A sequence of controlled movements are executed on a mat or on apparatus that was specially developed by Joseph H. Pilates. These movements range from tiny adjustments to movements that embrace a great deal of space.

Every movement is based on six key principles:

– Centering of power 
- Concentration 
- Controlled Movement 
- Precision of Execution 
- Conscious Breathing 
Flowing Sequence of Movement

The entire body receives a workout that is designed to restore the body’s natural balance of strength, flexibility and control.
Muscle imbalances that directly influence your posture are corrected at the same time. By means of a small number of highly effective repetitions that are performed with attention and focus, you regenerate your mind and offer your body a varied sequence of movements above and beyond your everyday routine.

Pilates is a particularly gentle fitness method, making it suitable for everyone. It enables a precise workout that is tailored towards particular parts of the body or it can be designed as a complex, full-body workout.

This explains the popularity of Pilates:
It is highly effective, it mirrors the inherent complexity of the body and what’s more, it’s fun to do.