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Pilates for men

Pilates is a comprehensive head-to-toe workout, but it is often misidentified as an exercise for women.
In fact Pilates was originally created for men.

Pilates was designed by a German-born gymnast and boxer named Joseph Pilates. His exercise system emphasized the development of the core muscle groups (the spine, abdominals, hips and lower back). Many famous male professional athletes, such as Tiger Woods (professional golfer), Jason Kidd (NBA basketball star), Curt Schilling (MLB pitcher), the All Blacks, premier League footballers, the England cricket team and Olympic athletes have added Pilates to their training programs, in order to enhance their strength, coordination and flexibility by developing these core muscle areas.

Most men who exercise frequently are strong, but their muscles are incredibly tense. For this reason they likely have difficulty performing a strength and reach test (or sitting straight with their legs stretched out in front of them). This is because the male hamstrings tend to be very tight and inflexible.

The answer is Pilates; which sculpts the body from the outside – making tight areas more agile. It also improves and makes many functional activities (things you do in your everyday routine) a lot easier on your muscles and joints.

For men over 50 years of age, prostate cancer is one of the most common diseases. Its believed that the atrophy (deterioration) of the pelvic floor muscles is a major factor. By practicing Pilates, the muscles can be effectively strengthened, and as a result, the risk of prostate cancer could be lessened.

Those core muscles which pilates targets so perfectly can help alleviate back problems and help develop a flat stomach-two things that top the list of many a man’s health and fitness wish list.

 So remember.
Real men do pilates. Why not join today!

4 Reasons Why Men Should Do Pilates


Balanced Body – Men and women often have different goals when exercising, for women, long sleek muscles are more desirable, for men more bulk is the usual goal. However, Pilates has benefits for both sexes. In men Pilates will help stretch the muscles and correct posture, working the core and muscle groups commonly overlooked by men who prefer to pump iron.


Less Body Fat – For both sexes reduced body fat is a common goal. In addition to the obvious benefits of a more toned physique there are numerous health benefits to having a lower body fat composition. These may include a reduced risk of common diseases such as hearth disease, cancer and lower cholesterol.

Greater Flexibility – Stretching and exercises that develop longer muscles and a more flexible body, are important when body building. Whilst Pilates alone may not build the desired muscle mass in men, it will complement other forms of exercise by creating a balanced body.

Better Posture – As we age, we often begin to slouch and we adopt poor posture. Pilates can help to correct this problem, by starting from the core and building strength from our “Powerhouse”. Pilates promotes correct posture, allowing for more flexibility. This often results in improvements for back pain sufferers.