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“I am not a very sporty person. It was therefore with some trepidation that I first plucked up the courage to go into the studio at Absolut Pilates to find out a little bit about it all. I had never tried Pilates before, but I really liked the look of the studio and I thought it seemed a pretty friendly place and not too scary! When I met Marika, my first impressions were proven correct: she was indeed very friendly as she showed me around the studio and explained a little bit about the technique and what is involved in her private and group classes. I liked the sound of it, and decided to book a private lesson. When this came around, I was so pleased to find out that not only could I do some of the exercises, but that Marika’s instruction style was so encouraging and positive, that she made me want to get better and better. Feeling like I had a good idea now of the basic Pilates principles, and more confident that I could join a group class without making a fool of myself, I began going regularly to her group classes. I found them challenging but fun, hard work but very rewarding, and after just a few sessions I already began to feel and see the benefits. The sessions are always varied and Marika is very careful to gently correct our positions or provide us with alternatives if we are having trouble – or – finding it too easy! I leave every session feeling calm and with a great sense of achievement. I would highly recommend anyone to Marika’s Pilates studio as I think she is a very professional and caring instructor who clearly practices her own craft with genuine love and enthusiasm.”

Alison Rentoul
Riviera coaching

“Quand j’ai du affronter mon opération d’ordre gynécologique après un diagnostic sans appel, cela faisait deux ans que je fréquentais les cours de Pilates de Marika.
Lors de ma convalescence, elle a été discrète et fidèle.
Après quelques mois, j’ai retrouvé l’ambiance amicale des cours avec un immense bonheur. Les excercices de Pilates me permettent d’éliminer “les cicatrices” laissées au coeur de mes muscles et organes.
Marika par sa douceur et ses compétences sait me libérer de mes tensions physiques et émotionelles.”

Cliente de Absolut Pilates

“Après des années dans les salles de danse, je cherchais une nouvelle méthode, plus douce pour mon corps mais tout aussi efficace sur la silhouette. Si j’ai eu un vrai coup de cœur pour la discipline en elle-même, c’est grâce à Marika que j’ai trouvé la volonté et l’enthousiasme de m’astreindre à ma séance hebdomadaire depuis maintenant 3 ans. Ce qui me plaît dans les cours de Marika ? La diversité des exercices (aucune séance n’est la même d’une semaine sur l’autre) et ses métaphores et images, très utiles pour sentir le mouvement ou la sensation demandée sur des exercices parfois difficiles. Résultat : j’ai trouvé avec le Pilates l’exercice physique dont j’ai besoin pour conserver ma musculature de danseuse tout en profitant d’un moment à moi, totalement zen. Un deux-en-un, corps et esprit, qui me rend totalement accro.”

Vanessa, La Colle sur Loup, France

“I have worked with Marika for 3 years at her La Colle location  and enjoyed both mat classes and work on the Reformer. The small classes and flexibility of working either one on one or in a  duo with a friend works really well.
Marika makes the classes fun and  the small studio ambience is very relaxing.
A fully qualified Pilates teacher who is always updating her knowledge on courses all over Europe, Marika is a dedicated teacher of a very valuable proven method of  exercise.”

June Volante

“I have been attending Pilates classes at Marika’s gym in La Colle sur Loup since I moved to France permanently in February 2007. I had previously lived in Harare (Zimbabwe/Rhodesia) for 34 years and took up Pilates in about 2002 after a back operation (lumbar decompression).
I found that Pilates was the only form of exercise which I could undertake without making the pain worse and it undoubtedly helped to strengthen my ‘core’. However the classes were somewhat boring and I persisted only because there was no alternative at the time.
When I started in Marika’s classes I found an entirely different situation, though to be fair this was Pilates by appointment and the gym in Borrowdale (Harare) was open to all paid-up members without appointment.
However, the smaller classes were only a part of the difference. Each class I ever attended from 2007 onwards was always different from the previous week’s class and this made all the difference. Marika herself is a good advertisement for Pilates in any case ( I will say no more !).
Marika obviously spends a great deal of time planning each and every class she gives. Not only is the level of difficulty varied according to the average level of fitness of the participants but she spends time making sure that every person has understood the way the particular exercise has to be carried out to obtain the maximum benefit.
The next point I should like to make is that the content of each class that I and my sister-in-law attend is always different from the previous week’s. It must be difficult to achieve this level of variety but Marika’s classes are never boring as a result. We literally look forward to our Saturday mornings sessions with her ; they are almost the highlight of the week.
I could go on and on but I think I have made my point.
As a 75 yr old man who has been fairly active during his life I have found that the weekly sessions with Marika are nothing else than “life-enhancing” – they enable me to carry on with an appropriate level of activity as well as maintaining my general level of health.
Voilà, as they say in France. What more could one ask for?”

Giles Guinness
Le Bar sur Loup, France
26 Jan 2012