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Madame Figaro -spécial Côte d’Azur 2012

Absolut Pilates is the first studio in the south of France to offer the PilatesStick

article dans Grazia, apparu en 2012


Talking about Pilates.

“it feels so good to elongate the muscles, so that when I walk out of (Pilates) class, I feel like I’m an inch taller.”

– Donna Richardson, Today fitness expert

“Although it took Pilates 70 years to catch on, it’s now on a roll that will be hard to stop.”
– The Today Show

“It’s marvelous. I have seen people go from a wheelchair to standing and walking and dancing again.”
– Romana Kryzanowska, Pilates instructor

“What Pilates does is strengthen and elongate.
The exercises make practitioners feel better, stronger, more in control, and less prone to injury.”


“The hottest alternative fitness subcult is Pilates. This strength-and-flexibility method focuses on “core” muscles and proper body alignment with an emphasis on stretching that will make you stronger, as well as more relaxed.”

“If you want a dancers body, this is the way to go, because it lengthens and strengthens muscles rather than building bulk.”
-USA Today

“Coaches say athletes who do Pilates prove more injury resistant, nimble and powerful, thanks to increased flexibility and more balanced muscle development.”
-Woman’s World

“In the ’80s, we aerobicized. In the ’90s, as boomers have aged, exercise has gotten gentler with Pilates.”
-USA Weekend

“In Hollywood, Jodie Foster, Kyra Sedgwick, Kim Catrell, Leonardo DiCaprio and Vanessa Williams find Pilates well worth its result:
Muscles that are strong, long and lissome.”

-Kansas City Star

“German immigrant, Joseph Pilates, introduced his fitness regimen to America back in 1926. He estimated he was ahead of his time by about 50 years. He wasn’t too far off.”
-The Dallas Morning News

“A great deal of attention is paid to strengthening and stabilizing the torso. In addition, Pilates teaches you how to condition muscles in concert with one another.”
-Women’s Sports & Fitness

“Pilates created a system that would motivate, stimulate, and challenge the mental and physical states, facilitating total health. He was a man ahead of his time.”
-Los Angeles Reader

“Joseph Pilates understood that if the center of the body is strong, the body as a whole will function better.”

“Pilates will motivate, stimulate and challenge you to make changes in your life. Pilates is better than a massage for relieving stress.”
-Big Beautiful Woman